Timelines and Historical Figures

Reviewing Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures by Home School in the Woods really helped my daughter understand and organize her history studies.

This year, we are using A Child’s History of the World by Virgil M. Hillyer to talk about history.

History is usually a very dry subject in our household. So, we decided to work with stories. Make learning about world history more interesting.

When we got the opportunity to review the Timeline Collection, I was eager to use it to see if it would help my daughter. Hopefully, being able to see the figures on a timeline would help bring the readings full circle for her.

I began by looking through each chapter of the book. Then, I would go through the Names and Dates of each particular time period in the downloadable pdf. Once I found a figure that was mentioned in the book, I would add the page where it was located to my daughter’s list of materials to accompany the reading.

After she completes the chapter, she then prints out the page where the figure is located. We started printing it with text but then decided that it would be best for her to write what she understood in her own words to help with retaining the information.

Not every figure that is in the Timeline Collection is included in her reading. (And there are a lot of figures.) If she was interested in a particular figure, we would open the pdf with text to talk about them. If it was not already printed to cut out another figure, it was easier on the ink to look at it from the computer screen.

Because we do not have a dedicated homeschool space in our house, we chose to create a timeline notebook. Placing the timeline on the wall would have been ideal for my 4th grader, but space is already limited.

There were some great suggestions on how to create a timeline notebook on the Start page. It is a webpage that was included in the download files.

Although my daughter is very crafty, momma is not. It would have taken several hours (or maybe days) to create a timeline notebook that I would have been comfortable using. Thankfully, there were photos included with each explanation. That made it easier for me to locate an already made timeline notebook that I could download for free and then print out as needed.

Because there was such great information and suggestions included in the download files, I also signed up to receive emails from Home School in the Woods. One of the first emails sent talked about how they started using timelines.

I was able to read through one of the many blogs posted to help homeschoolers who may have questions about Teaching with Timelines. It talks about how timelines can help organize the sheer quantity of information that is history.

What caught my attention was the explanation of how teaching with timelines can help keep studies “light and fun” instead of “boring and sluggish”. Like I said earlier…DRY.

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