This is What I Learned While Missing in Action

I know.

I’ve been Missing In Action for a bit. Especially with the Reflections Journal last month.

I Apologize

I had to apologize to my daily, weekly, and monthly email subscribers.

Yep. All of them.

What with moving, co-op taking a break and a new business venture, I had a lot of adjusting to do.

No lie. I was tired.

So, I’m sure it seemed as if I had fallen off.

Figuring Out How to Lighten the Load

There’s a single parent homeschooler that I really respect and admire. She once said that single parents (and I would probably add some solo parents) can seem very flakey.

They say they are going to be somewhere or do something. Then, when the time comes…


But, honestly, a lot of that is because we are exhausted.

Can I get an Amen?

Another single parent homeschooler that I respect wrote an article about ways that others can help single parents. That is if you are here wondering how you can lighten the load for your neighborhood single parent.


With co-op taking a break for the month, I’m not taking the hour-long drive to drop off the girls. But, because I have taken on more duties as Public Relations and Community Manager for a new sustainability project, I am rethinking homeschooling options for the family.

I know I’ve written about how homeschool co-ops have kept me organized and sane. I also know that change is the only constant in life. And that this is a new season in all of our lives. One in which all things are being made new.

I’m trying to take things one day at a time. Pace myself. Yet at the same time, I’m excited and a bit nervous to be going in this new direction.

I took the leap and decided to get a business coach. One who has been where I have been. Someone who can help me get past this stage of life where I seem to be stalled. And someone who has had some longevity in their business. So they can help me learn how to pace myself.

I’ve had to hire yet another virtual assistant.

I tell ya.

They are dropping like flies around here. I don’t think fast food joints have this much turnover.

Other Happenings in Our Lives

While all of this is going on, I’m still planning a trip with my youngest to go see her father in the states. We just have to get the new passport in hand.

I must mention that our blended brood has now increased from four to seven. How long will that last? TBD.

My oldest is doing her duty as an older sister and helping her stepmom as best she can with the extra three in the house.

So, we have eased up on the summertime homeschool schedule while we sort things out.

With the break, we have been winging it a lot with main subjects and menu planning. It has been a welcomed break, but I know we have to get back on the good foot. Otherwise, we are going to be chasing our tails. And mommy (me) will be even more exhausted next month.

In Conclusion

As I reflect, I ask myself what exactly did I learn these last 30 days?

I’ve learned that I need to:

  • pace myself
  • make sure to schedule rest time after a huge block of work
  • take time to analyze if I need to make changes – even if things have been that way for a minute
  • sit and learn at the feet of people who have been there, done that
  • try not to take it personally because virtual assistants keep falling off a cliff (life changes after all)

Have you taken time for your monthly reflections journal? I know I had to put mine in my Asana task list and my content calendar to make sure it got done.

Make some time to reflect and grow this month.










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