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When we were asked to review the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive, we wanted to jump at the opportunity. My daughter’s handwriting was not very legible, and we hoped CursiveLogic could improve it.

Cursive Logic New Edition

However, because my 9-year-old daughter had just finished a cursive program at her cooperative, I wasn’t sure if this review would step on some academic toes.

So, I sent an email to the cooperative lead teacher.


I’ve just been asked to review a product called CursiveLogic. I would have to use Riley as my test subject.

I wanted to run it by you before accepting or refusing the request because I don’t want to potentially undo anything that you have been working toward.

I attached a link to the CursiveLogic website and the Quick-Start Pack. Little did I know how enthusiastic Riley’s teacher would be.

Yes, this looks like fun…she’s already done the basics and is now doing the whole-word and phrase practice. Testing this curriculum out with her would be a great way to reinforce. Love it 🙂


The Method

CursiveLogic uses four basic shapes for the entire lowercase alphabet.

That’s it. Four.

Makes learning so much faster when the initial focus is on four shapes and not 26 different letters.

When I learned cursive, I recall writing the same letters repeatedly. And the lines were very sharp.

There were no shapes. Just sharp memorized arcs.

I cannot naturally reproduce those letters today.

Because Riley is a hands-on learner (and a natural artist), the multisensory approach that CursiveLogic uses seemed perfect.

Other features that make up the CursiveLogic method were in line with how she learns:

  • Color – is something she gets into. The kid draws something everyday
  • Catch-phrase – this appealed to Riley and to her co-op teacher who recites customized catch phrases. But nothing with uniformity.
  • Movement – Riley is such a kinesthetic learner, I sometimes quiz her while dancing. Finger tracing the exercises helped her differentiate between similar lowercase letters.
  • Real words – something I didn’t get my first week of cursive. Only letters. I was glad to see there were real words at the end of Lesson 1. Especially since she already knew some cursive.

How we used CursiveLogic


I was impressed to be able to get the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive sent to me in Costa Rica.

That stated, I encourage anyone with an international address that reads something like –

1 kilometer south of Chires School

Far off Province, Way Gone District

Island Country



Please have your package sent to your local post office.

Even better, use an international mail forwarding service. It may cut down on international shipping rates. (Orders over $50 get free shipping with code at checkout.)

And it may cut down on shipping time.

(Average international shipping time can range from 7 – 21 days.)

Our package was mailed on 25 January. I received a call from my post office 19 February. Approximately 16 business days in route.

We were never so happy to receive a package.


The CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack includes one workbook and the CursiveLogic webinar.

Cursive Logic Sample Page

The webinar is a 50-minute course that “explains the CursiveLogic method step-by-step and guides you through the teaching process.”

I was so happy to receive the webinar link in an email. As we waited on the package, I went through the webinar in preparation for teaching cursive letters.

The package also included The Art of Cursive.

The Art of Cursive Logic

It is a “handwriting instruction method artfully woven into a relaxing, adult coloring book.”

However, the package arrived the week that we had no school scheduled.

No homeschool. No co-op.

Break week.

Getting Started

So, when we started, we were ready to test CursiveLogic’s claim.

Could Riley improve her lowercase cursive lettering in four lessons?

Or in our case, four days…

We began by setting her up to write and then checking her writing.

Not only did we check her print writing at the beginning of the workbook, I also pulled out some of her cursive practice words.

Very small writing and guidelines not used at all.
An early attempt at cursive writing 2017.

I wanted to have a point of reference after her four lessons were complete.

What was amazing to note is that even after the first lesson, her cursive writing had noticeably improved.

Her letters were neater. They were more round and full. And she used the guidelines as guidelines.


Noticeable improvement after lesson 1.

So, the question of whether her lettering could improve in four lessons was answered at the end of one.

The Art of Cursive

Though I do not use The Art of Cursive during our homeschool sessions, I find it great to work in during my long Pomodoro breaks.

Even though I rarely use cursive in many aspects of my work as a copywriter, I found the four brief lessons in The Art of Cursive to be a great refresher.

The CursiveLogic method is a logical approach to learning cursive.

My only beef is that it didn’t get here sooner.

But that I will have to take up with USPS and Correos de Costa Rica.

As a bonus to readers, CursiveLogic has created a special discount. Until 31 March, you can save 20% on the Quick-Start Pack. (That’s the workbook and the oh, so helpful webinar.)

Just click the banner below and be sure to use the code CREW2018 at checkout.

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