Reflecting on Another Visit This month, we celebrated my youngest daughter’s 7th birthday. Her father flew in to help us celebrate and I’m happy to say that the visit went as smoothly as it possibly could have given outside circumstances. Dealing with the Outside Remember my former landlord? You know, […]

I’m excited to say I made it through October! I recall last year around this same time. My entire world went on spin cycle October 31st. I picked the girls up from co-op, dropped my oldest off at her dad’s house, and took my little one to a neighborhood house […]

It seems as though the business coaching industry is getting a bad rep these days. Coaches that have gone to the dark side are enticing their students with dollar signs and hopes of 3-day work weeks. Instead of actually helping a client become better. Y’know. That thing that coaches do. […]


I know. I’ve been Missing In Action for a bit. Especially with the Reflections Journal last month. I Apologize I had to apologize to my daily, weekly, and monthly email subscribers. Yep. All of them. What with moving, co-op taking a break and a new business venture, I had a […]

I’m feeling a slight sense of deja vu as I write this month’s reflections journal. Last year – around this same time – I made a last minute DIY move. I hoped it would help me break free from stuff and things. The stuff and things I thought tethered me […]