Being unorganized can make life tough in a number of ways. Disorganization in your home can cause an unending, overall sense of stress because you’re lacking a certain amount of order in your life. It also causes unsightly clutter and makes it hard to find things. The good news is […]

For this review, we received the Annual Membership Plan offered by My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping. I have been using it to track my girls’ extracurricular activities, co-op schedule, and homeschool plans. Like many planners, digital or paper, guidance is needed to know how to get the most out […]


I know. I’ve been Missing In Action for a bit. Especially with the Reflections Journal last month. I Apologize I had to apologize to my daily, weekly, and monthly email subscribers. Yep. All of them. What with moving, co-op taking a break and a new business venture, I had a […]

I’m feeling a slight sense of deja vu as I write this month’s reflections journal. Last year – around this same time – I made a last minute DIY move. I hoped it would help me break free from stuff and things. The stuff and things I thought tethered me […]

This is a portion of my blog that I’d like to call, Reflections. I’d like it to be a monthly-ish journal type of writing. No rants and raves, though. Just lessons learned and things I’m grateful for. No fancy Search Engine Optimizations. No keyword searches. (Well, maybe just one long […]

I am seriously geeked to review the Yearly Membership from My daughters love the variety of the Elementary Homeschool Courses that are available. And it’s helped them become more excited about homeschool days.   I’d Like to Praise You But before I even begin describing the product, I want […]

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Being Ruthless with Your Organization Ok, so we’ve talked about being ruthless with our schedules. (Way #1) And we’ve gone over how too many tools can possibly bog us down. (Way #2) 7 more ways to go. This week, I have a question. What does organization mean to you? I […]

How are you getting along on the assignment to work with just one calendar? If you have no clue what I’m talking about, go here. This is Part 2 of 9 Ways Being Ruthless Helps You Win, Work at Home and Homeschool. Are you finding it difficult to eliminate some […]

There are days where even with a calendar based to-do list, I still find myself running around in circles. It is difficult to maintain balance. Especially, when there are children to nourish and nurture. When there is work to be done and clients to make happy (not just appease). And […]

I am proud and happy to be a part of an elementary cooperative. It is actually more than a homeschool cooperative. It is an elementary school. But, it also serves as a co-op for my family. We have opted to do a hybrid type of homeschooling. A friend of mine […]