I’m excited to say I made it through October! I recall last year around this same time. My entire world went on spin cycle October 31st. I picked the girls up from co-op, dropped my oldest off at her dad’s house, and took my little one to a neighborhood house […]


I know. I’ve been Missing In Action for a bit. Especially with the Reflections Journal last month. I Apologize I had to apologize to my daily, weekly, and monthly email subscribers. Yep. All of them. What with moving, co-op taking a break and a new business venture, I had a […]

konmari method

Once again, I am grateful for journaling. This last month has gone by so fast, I can barely recall what happened. Things Fall Apart Things started falling apart in the house where I was given sanctuary for a year. First, I noticed a short in the back patio lights. Then, the […]

This is a portion of my blog that I’d like to call, Reflections. I’d like it to be a monthly-ish journal type of writing. No rants and raves, though. Just lessons learned and things I’m grateful for. No fancy Search Engine Optimizations. No keyword searches. (Well, maybe just one long […]

I found meditation one year ago. Even though I felt a great calm during my nature walks, it never lasted. I didn’t know how to maintain the focus – the feeling. I would always end up flying off the handle or mutilating some poor, undeserving butterfly bush. It wasn’t until […]