Our family was excited to review the e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum by Supercharged Science. My kids and I were thrilled that it promised LOTS of hands-on experiments, was one of Cathy Duffy’s top 102 picks and Homeschool World’s best science curriculum. I first received a Welcome email from Aurora Lipper, […]

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I recall one morning meditating on how grateful I am to be where I am today. It started as any normal morning meditation. But that morning, it was so much more. I was filled with absolute gratitude and thankfulness. I felt thankful to be blessed with friends who check up […]


I know. I’ve been Missing In Action for a bit. Especially with the Reflections Journal last month. I Apologize I had to apologize to my daily, weekly, and monthly email subscribers. Yep. All of them. What with moving, co-op taking a break and a new business venture, I had a […]

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology was an exciting curriculum to review with my kids. Since my oldest loves life science, a curriculum focused on the study of the human body for elementary grades was ideal. Apologia Science is a well-known brand for homeschoolers wanting to maintain a creation-centered […]

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Mistakes I Made as a Homeschool Mom Not Committing Fully for a Year Not Asking for help from local (or online) community Not involving my kids’ fathers Not being more flexible on some subjects Being too flexible on some subjects Because I am a blogger who blogs (a bit) about […]

This is a portion of my blog that I’d like to call, Reflections. I’d like it to be a monthly-ish journal type of writing. No rants and raves, though. Just lessons learned and things I’m grateful for. No fancy Search Engine Optimizations. No keyword searches. (Well, maybe just one long […]

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This article originally went in an entirely different direction. Same title, different article. It’s amazing how one event can change the course of life. Or in this case, the course of a blog article. One recent event caused me to scrap the previous article and immediately write something else. The […]

Be ruthless with your finances, work, and expectations     “What?!” I screamed. The silence afterward was thick. When she finally spoke, she said, “When you say it like that, it feels very mean.” “Honey, mama wasn’t trying to be mean. Every time you called me, I asked you to […]

Worry and The Questions Like most parents, I tend to worry if I’m doing right by my kids. Are they eating enough? Eating the right things? Am I being a positive role model and example? As a homeschooler, I sometimes wonder if I’ve selected the appropriate curriculum for them. Are […]

Whose House?! Homeschooling Through Divorce Homeschooling is definitely not a decision for the faint of heart. As a matter of fact, even those resolute parents wrestle with questions every once in a while. Normally, mothers lead the educational charge in home education. Meanwhile, fathers ensure that the education, meals, required transportation […]