It seems as though the business coaching industry is getting a bad rep these days. Coaches that have gone to the dark side are enticing their students with dollar signs and hopes of 3-day work weeks. Instead of actually helping a client become better. Y’know. That thing that coaches do. […]

This is a portion of my blog that I’d like to call, Reflections. I’d like it to be a monthly-ish journal type of writing. No rants and raves, though. Just lessons learned and things I’m grateful for. No fancy Search Engine Optimizations. No keyword searches. (Well, maybe just one long […]

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Be Ruthless with Goal Setting and Priorities How many of you keep daily To-Do lists? Hands up! How’s that working for you? Do you have a handle on your list of things to do? Or does that list have a chokehold? Squeezing all the joy out of your day. I […]

I found meditation one year ago. Even though I felt a great calm during my nature walks, it never lasted. I didn’t know how to maintain the focus – the feeling. I would always end up flying off the handle or mutilating some poor, undeserving butterfly bush. It wasn’t until […]