A Single Valentine – What to Do As a Single Parent on Valentine’s Day

Single valentine’s for single parents.

Now there’s something that would get noticed.

By a few people.

Valentine’s Day is here.

I am trying to recall the last Valentine’s Day I spent with my significant other. Now, my (oh too distant) husband.

The sad thing is, I am having difficulty remembering when I last spent Valentine’s Day with any adult.

I guess those are the occupational hazards of being a single mom.

Apparently, those are the hazards of being a solo mom as well.

Seeing your (oh too distant) husband once or twice a year – and then for less than two months at a time – can be rough.

I guess.

There comes a time when one might get a bit immune to the situation.

Or develop some type of emotional callouses.

I’m not sure either of those is healthy for the relationship.

So, I’m mostly working on keeping my heart soft to be able to receive my (oh too distant) husband when I see him.

Almost like ships passing in the night.

Whereas it would be cool in a dating situation.

Maybe not dating.

Perhaps a getting-to-know-you situation.

From my experiences, the Getting to Know You phase is infatuation at its finest.

You try your best to accidentally pass by one another.

You call one another in the middle of the night.

How’s the song go?

“When you’re on the phone, you hang up then you call right back. You got it bad.”

Something like that, right?

Valentine’s Day holds so much significance at that time for singles.

But, what about singles who are legally labeled divorcees?

Or singles who have separated from their partners?

Or folks who are solo parents? While maybe not footing the entire bill themselves, still lacking that extra hand – or knee as the case sometimes is.

When Valentine’s Day arrives, what do we do?

I started doing some research.

On the things that singles can do for a good time.

That doesn’t sound like much research needs to be done, right?

There are a ton of things for singles to do.

There are clubs specifically for singles.

Specifically, for nightlife for singles.

Even church departments have singles ministries.

Some of which I think are more like dating pool options, but that’s another story.

So, with so much out there for singles, why do I need to do any research?

I could go straight to the search engine and type “single nightlife” and a location, right?


I’m talking about singles…

…with children.

Single parents.

Solo parents.

What do they (we) do on Valentine’s Day, when there is no significant other?

When they’re not around – or even nonexistent?

While I would love to offer solutions, I am fresh out today.

I think I am going to make some cupcakes and cookies with my two dreams.

They will be happy.

I will be content that I’ve helped them find a genuine smile.

Then, we can give the cookies to Nana, Papa, step-mom and baby brother.


Move on to the next not-a-real-holiday, please…

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