Wait Til You See These Single Parent Family Vacation Options

The opportunity to travel is once again opening up in many places. And, I know it’s difficult to think about vacation after being cooped up for so long, trying to work, and facilitating your child’s education. It is not the easiest thing to navigate.

But, for your mental health, you need to find a way to refresh and relax. And it is possible to take a relaxing single-parent vacation.

If you thought it was not, think again.

Taking a vacation – sans partner – does not have to be out of reach. In fact, I’ll show you how to score a relaxing vacation. Yep. You and the kids.single parent vacation

One where you don’t worry about the cost being too high.

Or the timing is wrong.

Or the adult libations being too few.

I remember planning out “fun time” with my girls some years ago.

Every three months, I made sure we went somewhere.

It was great family time. Just me and the girls having fun.

Discovering the parts of Costa Rica we had only ever heard about.

That’s how we found Parque de Diversiones, Museo de los Niños, Galería Nacional, and Volcán Poas.

They were the perfect single-parent family vacations.

At the time.

For a mom with little ones.

But as my daughters got older, I heard different requests.

Things like India, Europe, Australia, and Hawaii.

(I’m sorry, what?)

I needed to remind the girls that mom must work for the money we spend.

But as I thought about it, I realized I also needed to justify those trips for myself. That’s why I was making excuses.

A trip to any one of these places meant I had better be on top of my game. On top of my schedule. And my household management.

Then, I considered the cost. I can’t think of anyone who wants to pay the double occupancy rate just because there are 2+ persons. Never mind that only one is an adult.

Of course, I want my kids to have a great time. But, I’d like to relax on this vacation too.

There’s no need to take a vacation only to come home looking for ways to recuperate and de-stress.

So, if you’ve pictured yourself spilling over with luggage, tickets, and toys, that’s completely understandable. I’ve been there. I’ve even done that.

And I’ve seen the harried mom chasing a small child through the airport while dad strolls to the agent desk. Then proceeds to give mom the evil eye because she is now on the other side of the building and can’t help him present all the necessary documentation.

Why on earth would single parents subject themselves to anything close to that?

But, traveling alone with kids does not have to feel like you’ve lost a bet.single parent family vacation

You can enjoy yourself if you make certain preparations.

Suggestions to Prepare for Travel

I have, personally, found these preparations helpful:

When traveling by plane, find – and use – an airline club that is family-friendly. Family rooms have been a Godsend. Although the purchase of a one-day pass can cost up to $50, the peace of mind and included food & beverages make the trip much more relaxing.

If the airline club is not in the budget, find an area of the terminal that allows you to put your back – and your belongings – toward a wall. This way, you are safely able to watch the kids.


When traveling by boat, again, go family-friendly. Disney cruises – among others – are well known for helping solo parents in need.


When traveling by car, plan some fun (safe) stops and excursions. Get everyone out of the car and moving for a while. Plan some time for you to rest, too. Long drives can be exhausting.


If traveling by train, choose a route that has some great scenery. And, if the trip is lengthy and it is in the budget, book a sleeper car. I can’t tell you how much of a brain break I got by being able to shut the door and let the little one sleep.


For a while, I stopped traveling by bus, because the seating got more and more cramped. But, in Costa Rica, I found an air-conditioned, spacious bus service with assigned seating. Meaning no overbooking. Nobody standing on top of you. No last-minute riders.

If you find a comfortable bus service, try to book the trip during daylight hours. Unless the trip is longer than 8 hours. Buses tend not to stop as much in the evening. That gives you and the kids plenty of naptimes. Evening hours worked best for my family during long bus trips.


Now that I’ve given you some suggestions and ideas to prepare for whichever mode of transportation you’ll be using, let’s look at some single-parent family vacation sites and packages.

NOTE: Please ensure that whatever package you are considering, follows health and safety guidelines with which you are comfortable.

Vacation Websites and Packages


Holiday Inn Kids Stay and Eat Free

At Holiday Inn®, Holiday Inn Select®, Holiday Inn Resort® and Holiday Inn SunSpree® Resort hotels around the world, up to two (2) Kids Stay and Eat Free. But because it is only available at participating hotels, you must contact the individual hotel.


Choice Hotels Kids Stay Free

At participating locations, children 18 and under stay free when they share the same room with their parents or grandparents. Check for a “Hotel Alert” on the hotel information page to verify any restrictions.


Premier Inn Totally Kid Friendly

Kids under 16 also stay free in spacious family rooms. There are even interconnecting room options so you can really take a breather. Up to 2 kids eat free breakfast.


MSC Cruises Single Parent Families

Repeat after me. “Parent Time.” MSC Cruises offer an All In One package that was created especially for single-parent families to make an “unforgettable voyage.” There are even Kids Clubs.


Travel For Kids

A site that shows fun things to do with kids in many different countries. There are also selected family accommodations with kid-friendly hotels.


Sell Off Vacations

Travel experts on call to find you resorts that don’t charge additional fees for single parents.


Get Going

Now you know it is quite possible to take a single-parent family vacation. And it is also possible to enjoy the vacation.

So, now that you know and have a handful of options, what are you waiting for?

When is your next scheduled holiday?

Need a hotel? Check out Holiday Inn, Choice, or Travel for Kids.

Don’t want to lift a finger? How about an MSC Cruise?

Go on.

I dare you to pick one.

I bet you’ll have fun.


The creator of the Single Parent Travel site, Brenda Elwell, has a great book called The Single Parent Travel Handbook. You can get a copy here.

Also, Take a Look at the Single Parents Savings Guide on Dealhack. One of the 16 categories that are updated every 3 months is Travel Savings.

(I’ll be adding this resource to the Homeschool Support Page!)

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  • Sunny says:

    Wow, that tightrope adventure makes my stomach jump, but it looks so fun! Now you have me really wanting to take a trip to Costa Rica.

    I agree it’s so important as a single parent to keep things interesting and fun. Disney Cruises is one of my favorites, and they even have a nanny service so you can get some time to yourself.

    • Indasa says:

      Yep! Disney Cruises is one of the best to make sure parents – including single parents – have time to refresh themselves.

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