Showing My Self Love to Give to Others

This Valentine’s Day I will be preparing my house to let another family live there for 8 days.

Where am I going?

I’m not sure yet. But, I’ll let you know what went down in February’s Reflections Journal.

Why am I going?

There just happens to be a wedding that my community is hosting the week after. The participants have decided to make it a destination wedding.

Several factors let me to step out of my home to accommodate the guests. Two stand out right now:

  • the bride and groom have shown themselves to be wonderful people (and clients)
  • they will soon be my closest neighbors (where we might be depending on each other often)

More recently, I’ve discovered that this is going to be a great opportunity to have a stay-cation.

Yup. I’ll be bouncing around a few of our properties before and after the wedding. Of course, before the wedding, I’ll be super focused on meeting the clients’ needs. And after the wedding, while they and their guests are enjoying different excursions, I can treat my new surroundings as a short (but close to home) respite. Complete with a paid cleaning crew.

I love how showing myself a little love can also serve another person.

It’s amazing how putting on your oxygen mask first really benefits others.

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