Show Your Beautiful Heart With These Super Beads

The opportunity to review the Zirrly Super Beads Jewelry Set came at a great time. My daughter’s jewelry making grandmother is visiting us for a few months. During her visits, we make jewelry instead of specific arts and crafts projects.

Super Beads Jewelry Set

Because Zirrly Super Beads only require water to fuse, we were very interested to see the results of this jewelry making project.

When the set arrived, we opened the box and saw a set of instructions on top.

Inside a plastic divider were four individually packaged sets of beads. Two yellow, one white, and one fuschia. There was also a chain, two earring hoops, a plastic connector, a small spray bottle and a design tool.

Underneath the plastic dividers were three puzzle trays and two pattern cards.

I noticed another set of instructions with the trays and pattern cards. They were not as detailed as the instructions on top. So, I was happy the more detailed instructions were included.

My youngest daughter was excited to see the jewelry had a heart design, so she asked if she could work with the set as well. I thought it would be great to work on her fine motor skills. And her sister was glad for the help.

So while my oldest worked on the necklace and earring pattern card, my youngest worked on the bracelet.


Because Nana is very organized in her jewelry making, we used a muffin tin to pour out each separate package of beads. This gave both girls access to the beads without causing a possible slip hazard.

We also made sure they worked on trays to protect the wood furniture.

The detailed instructions helped the girls quickly and easily complete their pattern cards.

I allowed the girls to spray their own designs. In hindsight, I should have followed up with a few extra sprays – making sure not to get the beads too wet. After waiting for an hour, we discovered the beads did not have enough water to fuse completely. We had to add more water and wait again.

So I suggest that parents of younger kids ensure the beads have enough water to fuse.

After making sure the beads were dry, it was time to complete the project.

The bracelet was the simplest and easiest. The plastic connector slipped into the beads easily and did not loosen once the opposite end was fastened.

For the necklace, Nana suggested that the O-ring be left open a bit. This would make getting the chain connected to the heart pendant easier. In order to get the chain into the O-ring without a struggle, Nana had to use one of her tools to open the ring.

The earrings were slightly more difficult in that they came straight. The jewelry maker has to insert the earring into one of the beads. Then, bend and twist to complete the connection. While it seems easy enough, it proved challenging to bend and twist by hand. Here again, Nana had to use a tool to help.

However, each earring appeared different.

She suggested having the earring hook packaged already bent into a smooth hook. Then, hopefully, both sides would look similar once connected.

Even with Nana’s suggestions, I would recommend the Zirrly Super Beads Jewelry Set. Both girls enjoyed their projects. And, there is no need to throw away the leftover beads, the puzzle trays or the pattern cards.

More Super Beads can be purchased to make the same design in varying colors.

After we were done, I read in the smaller instructions under Tips and Tricks that the puzzle trays can be put together to make a larger tray for larger projects.

I think we will be looking into the Super Beads Mega Pack with 4,500+ beads to work with for a future arts and crafts project.

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  • zirly says:

    You guys did a fantastic job reviewing and presenting our Super Beads. We’re super impressed. Thanks so much!!!

    • Indasa says:

      Thank you so much for commenting and letting us know! We all had fun!

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