Matific Galaxy Review

Matific Galaxy is an online math resource that provides fun activities for learning or practicing math skills such as counting, ordering, addition, and subtraction.

For this review, my oldest daughter chose to use the online games to support the concepts she was already learning in the third grade.

(I mention the grade because the Matific Galaxy app requests that a grade be specified.)

There are hundreds of math games and activities for kids in grades Kindergarten through six. And Matific Galaxy can be accessed through desktop, as well as iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

We appreciated that Matific Galaxy is a self-guided educational program. It was very helpful while we were on vacation. It provided diversion and learning reinforcement.

Parents are able to set preferences from the parent zone on the desktop version of Matific Galaxy. On the desktop, I was able to set her weekly learning goals and send her some motivational messages.

Parents can also generate a report for each child and have it sent to their parent email. Although it is recommended that parents log into the Matific parent zone to check on their child’s progress, weekly emailed progress reports are convenient. Especially when parents are unable to easily access a desktop computer.

In the report, I am able to see my child’s results by topic and assignment. And I can compare how she is doing based on the Matific average for that assignment or topic.

After logging in, Matific Galaxy jumps right in with the games for the day.

There was one particular game on Day 1 that she struggled with. The instructions on how to play were not as clear as she needed them to be. Thankfully, she was given the option to skip that game without having to feel stressed about getting the answers correct.

Yet, the next day, the same exercise was there waiting for her to complete it. With a reminder that said,

“Remember, if it is hard, that means you are learning.”

She was able to complete the game. However, she could not move on to the next level until she earned enough points. Once she passed the level, she was excited to have earned more coins and prizes. And to take another mathematical gaming journey. It was a good way to make sure the grasped the concept.

There was also some techy glitch at one point that prevented us from logging in. We checked our password manager and tried again. Nothing. Finally, we decided to reset the password. After we clicked to confirm the parent email, we were directed to the dashboard – without having reset anything!

Although I would not recommend it as a stand-alone product, Matific Galaxy is a great online resource for our family’s break and vacation times. I think it is helpful to prevent the dreaded “summer slide” – however long, or short, your summer may be, and to provide hours of edutainment for the kids.

You can find Matific Galaxy on these Social Media platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MatificGalaxy/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matificgalaxy/

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Grow Your Math Skills with Matific Galaxy {Matific Galaxy Reviews}
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