June Busted Out All Over

It’s hard to believe that June is already over and July is well on the way. We started the month of June “on vacation” in Ohio. It was a quick vacation, but my youngest daughter’s dad wanted us to join him for a friend’s get together. Not an unusual request.

He had the 2-week vacation pretty much planned out. Theme parks and animal rescue reserves were included. And, of course, a visit to his favorite family farm and a well known open-air market.

I really haven’t had much time to sit after returning. I now understand what people mean when they say they hit the ground running.

We returned home on Wednesday night. Thursday, I was scheduled to work.

(I know. Why did I do that to myself?)

Got home to find our internet service had been down since the day after my departure. And not one person seemed to be taking responsibility to repair it.

So, I was at my neighbor’s house, at my daughter’s co-op teacher’s house, at my friend’s restaurant…

…all in an effort to get a strong enough signal to continue to work.

I was almost two weeks without a consistent connection. Although the service was down for nearly a month.


I didn’t want to think about the different opportunities I had to return because I couldn’t be sure that I would meet the deadlines.

I mean, yes, I have an emergency backup mobile broadband system. But, that didn’t help with live meetings and classes because I live in the very natural setting of an eco-village.

I’m one of those weird people who believe in Divine Timing, but choose not to be uber cosmic about it. So, instead, I chose to think of the things I was able to get done.

(Tweren’t easy, though.)

Things like:

  • finally getting my living room to an acceptable state of cleanliness and coziness
  • getting the patios and porch cleared of unwanted “stuff”
  • removing all the extra books from my house ( I swear I looked like a book drop location)
  • Enjoying the solitude of my home once again after entertaining guests for five months
  • learning how to get things done without making a beeline for a mobile device

Of course, when I started to get the hang of that, folks decided to take responsibility for my lack of internet service. And they had it working the same day they arrived to see it.

Which was about two days before my neighbor was to receive guests for a month and two days before co-op went on a two-week break. And I would have been forced to find another “convenient” place to work.

How about that for Divine Timing?

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