IXL Spanish Math Review

Because we are a blended family that also homeschools foster kids born in Costa Rica, it can be difficult to find curriculum specific to their needs. I was thrilled for the opportunity to review the annual membership for IXL Learning math program for Spanish speakers, IXL Spanish math. So were the girls.

Normally, I look for the most easily translatable math program and work with the girls in that way. I figured numbers translate well. Well, that’s not always the case when teaching mathematical terminology.

For example:

To add – sumar
To subtract – restar
To measure – medir
Patterns – patrones

And that’s just the beginning.

IXL is not a program to teach mathematical concepts. However, IXL does a great job to reinforce the concepts with drills. I really appreciated how the instructions are visual (to read) and audio (to listen). It is very helpful for me to read as they listen.

Once we were registered for the family subscription, we received an email ( in Spanish). It contained the username and password.

Logging in was very user friendly. Each of us were able to customize our profiles (perfiles) with an avatar. For older kids desiring to create an additional secret word (palabra secreta), they are able to under their profile name.

All topic pages look the same, so I needed to be aware of what profile page I was on. Otherwise, I run the risk of testing a set of drills and affecting the girls’ scores.

I also like how the topics pages are arranged into two tabs: course (cursos) and themes (temas).

In the courses section, there are competencies listed by grade (infantil, primero de primaria, segundo de primaria, tercero de primaria, etc.). Each of those courses are cumulative.

In the themes tab, the competencies are organized into themes (comparar, contar, decimales, enteros, etc). But, once you click on each theme, a page comes up with that particular theme divided into grade levels.

We tried the courses tab first. It was a good day of work, but one drill appeared to be a lot of questions for the youngest girl who is six years old. The eight year old enjoyed the drills, but two competencies was all she could handle in a session.

Then, we tried the themes tab. That seemed to work better. Perhaps it was the bright colors for the youngest. Perhaps because it was a new day. It could have also been that even though they were working on different concepts, those concepts stuck to one theme.

The girls were thrilled when I showed up the next day with their certificates of excellence.

For them, it was a wonderful reward and motivator. For me, it was great to give them a certificate, completely in Spanish, and signed by the IXL Dean of Students (decano de alumnos).

I also like receiving the weekly progress updates in my email inbox. They let me know how many minutes each girl has spent on IXL. The report also shows me how many questions were answered and how many competencies were completed.

And I receive it all in Spanish. Which is very helpful when I go over their progress with their aunt (my blended family ‘partner in grime’).

IXL Math has helped a lot in our blended family, bi-lingual households. I know IXL Learning also offers Science in the English language. It would be lovely if one day, that offering would include Spanish.

You can connect with IXL Learning on social media here:

Facebook: facebook.com/IXL
Twitter: twitter.com/IXLLearning
Pinterest: pinterest.com/IXL
YouTube: youtube.com/IXL

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6 comments on “IXL Spanish Math Review

  • Frank says:

    IXL is a great problem for student to learn and practice what the learn at school. My son likes its scoring system that he knows what he needs to improve. Well, He takes it as a challenge problem because the problem is kind of difficult for him; therefore, He uses Beestar as his main learning tool to practice more in order to develop a great learning foundation and habit.

    • Indasa says:

      Hi, Frank. I also think Beestar is a great program for math! In this particular review, I was looking at the Spanish component for the foster children whose English was very little at the time. IXL Spanish Math was very helpful to me in that instance.

  • Frank says:

    Hi, Indasa,
    You are right. IXL Spanish math would be a good choice for those students who are not good at the moment. However, we should encourage to learn more. Beestar is not only providing math courses, Beestar also have English learning materials that would help students as well.

    • Indasa says:

      Yes. I agree. Beestar does have so many other good courses. One of my comments about IXL Spanish was that I wished it had other programs, like science, for my (then) Spanish learners. Their English has greatly improved along with their math and science skills.

  • Andrea says:

    It’s so awesome to see that other parents are really enjoying using Beestar too! We’ve tried using IXL before and it really just didn’t work for our kids. We had hoped it would but we had to start looking for other resources, and soon! The kid’s teachers recommended Beestar and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. The kids are so confident in themselves now when they tackle new problems!

    • Indasa says:

      Thanks for commenting, Andrea! Doesn’t it put a smile on your face when you find a program that works for your kids?

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