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This is a portion of my blog that I’d like to call, Reflections.

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I’d like it to be a monthly-ish journal type of writing.

No rants and raves, though. Just lessons learned and things I’m grateful for.

No fancy Search Engine Optimizations. No keyword searches. (Well, maybe just one long tail.) Just me. In words. Pictures. Perhaps some sounds. (If I can edit out my nervous laugh.)


Reflections Journal March 2018

I was extremely tired at the end of February. I had so much going on with my schedule, that I had to look in my journal to remember the ups and downs of the past month.

Add to that a lagging computer and intermittent Internet and it was a (un?) forgettable month.

Yes. I make it a point to write in my journal. I write in my journal at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day.

My journal of choice is the Freedom Journal. I mean, if you’re going to write something down, why not let it include moving toward a goal?

These are the things I noted as I looked through the past 30 days of journal writing:


Changed Homeschool schedule to morning routine for both girls

We’re spread in 3 different homes while Nana and Papa visit. So, I decided to work with my girls in the morning. Afterward, I help the others with English. Or, double as a taxi driver for afternoon catechism and piano classes.

A plate full/ had to hire a virtual assistant

I just couldn’t.

Can I say that?

More than one monthly review had the question, “How can I make this happen?”

I knew there was a control issue. Or better yet, an issue with time management. I was trying to manage everything and that wasn’t working smart.

Plus, the computer…

Missed a night of journaling

Was I too tired? Who remembers.

I think the assistant can help me in that area too.

Not the journaling. Taking some things off my plate so I don’t cut into my journaling time.

Requests for new classes from my sight-reading students

This was yet another reason to delegate. I truly love my beginning students. But finding time to bathe was getting rough.

An intermediate sight reading class?

Kids received Taekwondo belts and certificates

Mom AKA taxi driver.

But Dad #1 started it during the summer session. They both loved it, so we continued.

Thankfully, the classes have been rescheduled to happen right after co-op. Less driving for me.

Did not complete one of my 10-day sprint goals

I blame avoidance more than poor time management. I gave myself a few frogs to eat.

Did a quarterly budget review last month (surprised by the success of monthly shopping)

Fewer trips to the store mean less money spent in our family. I realized I save about $100 more than the normal grocery budget by planning out what we needed for the month.

We do go back. But that is for fresh produce.

Had a stay-cation during Break Week

Sort of. As you read above, I didn’t do much breaking. It was more of a regroup.

Felt like I bit off way more than I could chew

Totally did not practice my “No” as much as I probably should have. Hey, I’m not perfect. I left myself no buffer time. So, I was always chasing my tail.

Had a meltdown

Yep. And it was a doozie. My 5-year-old had to tell me, “Mom, take ten deep breaths.”

Technology and procrastination are major frenemies. Even if I wasn’t procrastinating (because I was chasing my tail since I didn’t say “No”), the meltdown was a good thing.


I understood that I needed extra help while I reshuffled my schedule.

Want to stay focused on what matters

This was my conclusion at the end of the month. I was shuffling way too many cards. And while they were al important, it didn’t matter if I was (or was not) the one person completing them.

What I’m Re-reading:

Have you ever read something that was such a game changer for you that you go back to it when your game is off?

This is one of those books (audiobooks) for me.



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