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I’m glad my daughter and I got the opportunity to review the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ Tutorsoft Inc).

Adaptive Math

A couple years ago, we purchased the Adaptive Placement Test. But I chose to go through the lessons on our own. Without the suggested lesson plans, I know we did not get the full experience of the Advanced Placement Test.

This time, with the Adaptive Math Curriculum Online, I was able to see where her learning gaps were and focus on those specific areas.

This program requires students to take placement tests first.  You enroll the student(s) in a “target” grade level. The program then gives a mini-test for each major math concept to gauge student’s skill level. It automatically adjusts the difficulty level of questions based on the answers provided by student. If it detects any learning gaps between the “target” grade level and student’s current skill level, it automatically creates an individualized plan for the student. The plan includes video lessons, interactive review, practice worksheets online, automatic grading n tracking and re-test. Essentially this is a skill-based learning model. This program covers Grades 1–6 and Pre-Algebra.


I should start this review by saying my daughter, Riley, dislikes test taking. Especially timed tests. (Ironically, she loves speed drills.)

I might have chosen a different option, the Family Math Package because of its flexibility. And because there are no pre-tests. But, I decided the tests would ultimately help me to take a step back. Help me see where she was struggling.

Her dislike for test taking was obvious when I reviewed her 1st test in the 3rd-grade level – where I originally placed her.

However,  it became apparent that she had not grasped some of the simpler number concepts. Even though she was skilled at more complicated 3rd-grade level equations.

The results of the 3rd-grade level tests were becoming discouraging.

So, I changed her grade level to 2nd.

Her 1st and 3rd tests did not go well.

On each of those, I was called away by my youngest to assist with some work she was doing. It was apparent that the tests did not hold her attention. Many questions were quickly and carelessly answered.

In contrast, test #2 (Addition) she surpassed the goal. First of all, she enjoys addition. Second, I stayed with her from the first question to the last. If she had a question or needed the question explained, I was there.

However, on the digital worksheets and Interactive Q&A, she performed much better.

She seemed more relaxed and more engaged.

She was more attentive using the digital worksheets. And the animation in the Q&A for lesson 3 managed to keep her attention.

I was able to leave her to work independently at those times.

We decided to use the digital worksheets as speed drills. Seeing how long it took her to complete the worksheet.

Then, she began looking at the tests as speed drills. Reviewing the tests and reports to see how much time remained on each question.

This worked out well…

until I had to step away.

I wasn’t there to give her clarity on some questions. She answered too quickly and without double checking.

Yet, for us, that was also a benefit. She now reviews her questions and answers before entering the results. Which makes her a faster problem solver.

All A+ Interactive Math (by A+ Tutorsoft Inc.) work on both Windows and Mac. A bonus for us as Riley divides her time between two homes (one a Mac home and one a Windows). She is able to log in during the evenings on either platform.

And for mobile families, A+ Interactive Math also works with iOS- and Android-based devices using browsers that support Adobe Flash.

I’m glad I gave A+ Tutorsoft Inc a second chance. It helped us learn how to soothe worries about test-taking.

And with the individualized lesson plans, my daughter saves time by focusing only on the concepts she needs.


A+ Interactive Math

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