These days, there are an enormous amount of resources available to the homeschooling parent, single or married.

There are so many wonderful homeschool support resources. I won’t be able to mention them all, but I will touch on those that have consistently given support to families in need. I will also periodically update this list to include any special or time-sensitive resource.

Home School Legal Defense Association – a nonprofit advocacy organization that provides homeschooling related legal advice and representation. Membership is offered to homeschool families at an affordable price. They are great to have in your back pocket for those “just-in-case” situations. Plus, there are no additional fees or charges for representation. HSLDA pays the cost in full. Included in the membership benefits are the bimonthly magazine, the weekly updates, and the daily broadcast.

Homeschool Foundation – the name of the charitable arm of HSLDA. Their mission is simply to bless homeschoolers and the cause of homeschooling. To help hurting families within the homeschooling community. They have several funds with which they accomplish this endeavor. They are:

  • Widows Fund
  • Special Needs Children’s Fund
  • Kids Curriculum Fund
  • Children of Single Parents Fund
  • Military Fund
  • Emergency Response Fund
  • Global Homeschooling Fund (formerly known as the International Fund)
  • HSLDA Members Helping Members Fund

Looking After Widows and Orphans: How You Can Help Single Parent Families by Mary-Jo Tate – this article completely spoke to me where I was and helped me release the pride and embarrassment I felt to be able to seek homeschool support.

Homeschooling as a Single Parent: How You Can Make It Work by Mary Jo Tate – another great article for encouragement.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Homeschool Digest

Homeschool Benefits Association – offers discounts and services for homeschool families.

Three Jars: Save, Spend, and Share – Where kids learn to earn and use money responsibly.