Here Are the Reasons Why We Choose Homeschool

This article originally went in an entirely different direction. Same title, different article.

It’s amazing how one event can change the course of life. Or in this case, the course of a blog article.

One recent event caused me to scrap the previous article and immediately write something else.

The day before it was scheduled to publish.

Will the original article publish? Perhaps. (I’m going to need to think of a new title, though.)

But, for today, this is where we are.

7 Reasons Why We Choose to Homeschool


  1. Bullies seem to show up everywhere.
  2. No more tears.
  3. With homework a thing of the past, there’s more time for fun stuff like piano, dance, art, and Taekwon-do.
  4. Learning two languages in one year can become overwhelming.
  5. The renowned public-school system has some ‘holes in the bucket’.
  6. We get to spend time with Nana and Papa!
  7. Mom teaches other homeschool kids. It makes sense.

I’ve always wanted to homeschool since the birth of my oldest. Mainly because I dove into the homeschooling pool even before I had children.

Many who know me or read my story know that I had the opportunity to homeschool my friend’s daughters when she was working out her troubled marriage.

Things turned out well and I eventually said goodbye to my girls. But I never forgot that experience.

  • Teaching the kids to cook and grocery shop. With the purpose of saving $1615 per year in groceries.
  • Using that as a tool to help with their math and science skills.
  • Making our way through the golden age of dial-up Internet access.why we choose homeschool

All these moments and much more shaped my decision to homeschool.

After having my own children, I formed the above list.

There are other, smaller things that made us appreciate the option to homeschool. But those 7 were important.

Even with this handy list of excuses, one recent event reminded me of my family’s fundamental reason to homeschool.

The main reason why we choose to homeschool can be expressed in one sentence.

We choose to homeschool to make a difference.

Homeschool (for us) started this way

When I think about my decision to help a friend through homeschooling her daughters, it was to make a difference.

I wanted to give her the opportunity to change her situation. To save her relationship.

My situation – my result – was not the same, though.

Yes, from the love we once had for each other, we were blessed with children.

And although that romantic love was exchanged for a different form of love, our desire to nurture and educate our children did not change.

Even before the separation, homeschool was there.

We just weren’t sure how to continue amid the wreck that was the romantic relationship.

So, while we figured it out, we opted for public school.


Meaning, a school in another language. A language that was not (at that time) regularly spoken at home.

But we still supplemented in English after school.

We did so because we wanted to make a difference in our daughter’s life. Despite the turmoil, her parents were experiencing.

We wanted to give her additional options. Especially after learning about the new public-school system regulations that were happening.

Regulations that would through changing the teaching standards, purposefully delay the students’ educational advancement.

You read that right.

The public-school administration’s thoughts were, “if there are no jobs to send them to, why send them nowhere quickly?”

So, our homeschool never went away.

Yet, I have friends who are public school teachers. And I sit on the local public-school board.

In a country where I was not born.


Because I believe that a homeschool mom, who teaches English as a Second Language to public school children, can be a catalyst for change.

Someone who, through her example as a homeschooler, can make a difference.

This belief helps me push through the regulatory headaches, the unending stream of repetitive paperwork, and the folks who just need to retire.

When my youngest approached school age, I had to make another decision.

Was I going to homeschool one and continue to send the other to the public-school system? A system that she was clearly uncomfortable with?

Was I going to send them both to public school? With the younger not having much experience in the Spanish language?

Would I pull them both out and send them to a private school? Something I was not financially able to do.

Private schools can get expensive!

I decided to pull the oldest out and continue to homeschool.

But I needed help.

When my husband chose to pack up and leave, the money I was used to receiving stopped.

Thankfully, Social Security retirement benefits continued for me and our daughter. So, we weren’t ‘out on the street without a pot to piss in’, as my grandmother would say.

That gave me some cushion to completely switch careers, and find something I could be passionate about while earning enough to keep the family clothed and fed.

I found copywriting. Content marketing. Blogging. And teaching.

And I found a way to combine them all.

Through homeschooling.

I can write about homeschooling. I can honestly market beneficial homeschooling products to homeschoolers. I can teach homeschooled children as well as their parents. Specifically focusing on single parents.

Homeschooling made a difference.

In my life.

Which brings me to the one event that reminded me of all these things.

The event that brought back the original reason

This weekend, I had some renters in one of our Airbnb properties. They brought along some friends who rented another of our properties.

I connected with one of those friends as they asked questions about Costa Rica, places they could visit and hotel suggestions before flying home.

Home was Holland.

A beautiful place that I know nothing about…


Turns out this friend was a single mom. Interested in homeschooling.

Apparently, single mom status has a stigma in Holland. But she met some homeschooling families that she hoped to connect with.

She asked me how I did it. How I managed to make a life in paradise. Because it was something she aspired to do.

Even before she knew about my career.

And I began to talk to her.

About homeschooling.

And about the many ways a homeschooler can achieve the life that they dream about.

Of course, I also reminded her that there are bumps.

Yes, she knows that I now work with my oldest daughter’s father. He is now a client. And that was not an easy journey.

But she now has hope that her life can be the life that she desires.

She told me she was on her way to devour everything on my site. (Oh, boy.)

I hope she does though.

And I hope she reads this.

Because she is a part of why we choose to homeschool.

We choose to homeschool to make a difference.

To make a difference in the lives of our children.

To make a difference in our own lives.

And our new kindred spirit from Holland?

Her life too.

Making a difference in her life, it turns out, was also a part of that decision.

why we choose homeschool



If you homeschool, what are your reasons?

If you desire to homeschool, what are your reasons?

Let us know in the comments.


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