Gray Skies Tend to Clear Up

July was an amazing month, but it went by so fast!

We enjoyed a two-week break from school. Even though it was only two weeks, it signaled the end of the school year 2018-2019 and the start of 2019-2020.

(That’s how some of us year-round homeschoolers roll!)

Thankfully, we are now in sync with the co-op or Learning Center. Our start dates now coincide. Something that hasn’t happened in the last two years that we have been homeschooling full time (as opposed to just afterschool supplementing). We plan to end our homeschool year the week before the official end of the co-op year. But, at least, it will be the same numbered day on the calendar.

The girls are more comfortable with their flex-schedule than they have ever been. In February of this year, they seemed anxious to return to the Learning Center and participate in co-op. Now, they enjoy the time they spend at the learning center as well as the time at home.

Perhaps there’s a lot to say about their dads giving them their own computers to work on. Or, maybe they prefer the curriculum that we have chosen this year. We all seem to love literature-based curricula and Homeschool Complete has given my girls what they need in that respect. Plus, it includes all the core subjects (Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science) along with others that I personally like to include (Character Development, Fine Arts and Bible).

We’ve chosen to add Spanish and History to their days to complete their studies.

And thanks to the Homeschool Review Crew, my girls and I are also able to insert many other fun subjects to keep from feeling like we’re getting into a rut.

Personally, I was able to infuse some additional income into my accounts and have started a Single Parents Homeschooling Budget Challenge to help us get our acts together for the holidays and the start of next year. I’m doing it with my daily email subscribers (Real Time, I like to say) because it helps me to look at my financial health as often as I can.

And while I’m not yet able to write a check to completely pay off my house, I am able to meet the mortgage without “feeling it” every month.

I continue to nurture my co-parenting relationships always grateful that there was no physical abuse. I realize that I will have a relationship with these men as long as I am on this earth. And though it is not the relationship I had originally planned, I still want to take care of it in its current manifestation so that it does not completely deteriorate.

It was nice to be able to enjoy July 4th fireworks and a meal at the marina with all of the kids and adults. No drama. No hiccups.

Reflecting on all of that overshadows the problem with my car’s radiator that caused it to overheat.

It’s fixed.

We were still able to function despite the water main break that left the entire neighborhood dry for over a week.

It’s fixed.

And when I was grounded because my car battery had given up the ghost, my oldest daughter’s dad went to the store and purchased a new one.

I was blessed to be able to pay him for the battery the same day.

Small issues compared to the amazing month that was July! Being able to reflect does help put a lot of things in perspective.

How did your July 2019 treat you? Were you able to find a silver lining in between the gray clouds?

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