Getting Started Online

Are you STILL looking for an online opportunity? A real one?

If you answered YES, then you’re going to want to read this page to the end. I’m going to do my best to help you out and show you how you can get started online.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve tried to achieve success online and hit a brick wall
  • You have too many puzzle pieces from too many gurus
  • All the different puzzle pieces don’t fit together
  • You’re in a state of confusion as to what, which, or who to follow

That is why I’m here.

I want to help you get sorted. And find YOUR path to Getting Started Online.

I know it can be overwhelming with the number of online opportunities and products out there. (Some of them absolute scams.)

Personally, I prefer to rely on the reviews of people I trust. Who have tried the product for themselves.

That’s why, on my site, you will find I recommend products/services that I have a personal, positive experience with. Or companies that I KNOW to be trustworthy.

Other than that, I will ONLY recommend you try products with a guarantee to let you try before you buy. Free to try and free to use products.

Hey, I know most people who arrive at this site are single parents looking for help. I know a lot of things would probably go much smoother if the money situation was right.

So, what’s stopping you from getting your money right?

What is preventing you from online success?

No resources? No time? No money?

Maybe it’s the fear of losing what little money, resources and time you have?

Or you’re tired of finding something only to learn it is a scam.

Perhaps you don’t want to appear like an unethical real estate agent?

Well, I’d like to help you change your position. Change your perspective. And turn you in the direction of ETHICAL online programs.

And you CAN succeed.

Because the difference between someone who achieves success online and someone who doesn’t can be narrowed down to 3 things:

  1. You need help

I would say this about building any business. At least any business where you don’t want to constantly bang your head against the wall in frustration.

I can show you where to get help.

  1. You need your own website

I know there are some that say it’s not required. But let’s be honest. You want to build an online business? With no website? No online presence? You’re going to be shooting yourself in the foot by cutting off potential connections.

But don’t worry. Building a website these days is very easy. In fact, a few minutes from now, you can have your very own website up and running online…without spending a single cent of your own money.

Remember what I said about products that are free to try and free to use? Websites are no different.

  1. You need to learn and practice – regularly

No matter how talented an artist or athlete is, the successful ones still regularly practice to:

  • Gain confidence in their craft
  • Perform without having to think about the mechanics

I’m not going to lie. You will have to put in the work. (If working is the issue, that is something totally different.)

But once you agree to that, all you need to get started is…

…$0 to Get Rolling

And here is what you get when you sign-up for $0

  • Personal Help & Support

    • Ability to get personal help from me
    • Help within a community of over 10,000 users
    • Live chat support
    • Ongoing topical discussions
  • 2 Free Websites

    • Fully functional WordPress Sites
    • Ready to make money online
  • Training “For Days”

    • Video classes
    • Tutorials
    • Courses
    • Entire classrooms

And all of this for $0. No credit card required. It’s crazy. It is. But you won’t find training and support like this anywhere.

Now, there is a Premium option that I probably will encourage you to consider. But that’s only if you want access to EVEN MORE STUFF.

If you choose the “Starter, $0 per month” option as shown below, you will get instant access to the community after giving you sign-up details.

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