February Reflections Journal


That’s what I felt like I had to do at the end of February.

I was “wide open” the entire month…

…and smiling the entire way.

The majority of the month of February was spent hosting guests at our permaculture resort. If not guests of the resort community, I was greeting disc golf players.

Then, there was the destination wedding with forty to sixty invitees. It was exciting and at times very harried.

(My fondest memories are the smiles I always saw on the faces of the bride and groom no matter the situation.)

After the wedding, we were off to the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica. The plan was to do some sightseeing and visit several museums. Something to thank my kids for their patience during this crazy month of work yet still is educational. I wanted them to enjoy their delayed vacation (school was out of session during the wedding).

It was another excursion with my daughter and the grandparents.


…we didn’t do much sight seeing because each museum took us at least 4 hours to walk through. When we left it was always too late or we were too tired to go back out.

The last museum trip we took was cut short to be at the airport in time to collect my sister. Little did we know she would be in the immigration line for over an hour.

February was a month that – once again – reminded me of the preciousness of time.

The only commodity you can spend (or invest) and never get back.

And I want to (wisely) spend my time with my family.

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