Famous Artists Volume 2

Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol.2) from Techie Homeschool Mom is what I would consider a very in-depth arts course. My oldest daughter and I had the opportunity to review it together.

In fact, I would consider it an art appreciation course with hands-on training.

I was intrigued when I learned that the unit study included the opportunity for the student to create their own artist inspired projects.

My daughter was happy that she would get the opportunity to draw.

Caveat…or Not

I do want to emphasize that the online unit study is completely online. No downloading or printing unless you want to.

I was also concerned about the art supplies list. For homeschool parents living abroad, it may not be a quick trip around the corner to the nearest arts and crafts store. But, it was a simple enough trip to the nearby (2 hours) online arts store. Complete with home delivery.

Even if you are not able to place an online order, the most difficult item to find on the materials list was Mod Podge. And an online search can uncover some very easy recipes to create your own.

Outside of the materials for each project, not much else is needed. We were introduced to the digital tool Emaze. In Emaze, my daughter created a virtual art gallery to display information on each artist, the art movement with which they are most associated, a collection of their masterpieces and her artist-inspired projects.

Grammarly is another tool used in the online unit study. Although, as a writer, I am quite familiar with Grammarly, I was pleased to introduce my daughter to this “new” tool.

There is even a note about nudity in artwork. I thought this was refreshing for those parents who are uncomfortable with the chance of their student seeing nude paintings.

(Because my daughter’s grandfather is a professional artist and her main teacher when he visits, she is becoming more accustomed to working with live models and drawing the human form.)

What (and who) the Study Includes

The artists and movements included in the volume two study are:

  • Grant Wood: American Regionalism
  • Normal Rockwell: Illustration Art
  • Grandma Moses: Folk Art
  • Jackson Pollock: Abstract Art
  • Andy Warhol: Pop Art
  • Frank Stella: Minimalism
  • Bridget Riley: Optical Art
  • Fernando Botero: Postmodern Art
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat: Street Art

Hustle and Flow

As a parent-teacher, I like that it is a self-paced course. You (and your student) decide when you start and when you finish. And you have unlimited access to your course for as long as you like.

Each module takes about 2-3 hours to complete when you include the activities, viewing videos and making notes to include in the art gallery. So, we decided to stretch each module out per week.

(If it were up to my daughter, she would draw or animate for hours at a time.)

Here is a sample of her artist-inspired artwork:

American Regionalism

I am excited to see (and present to her grandfather) the finished virtual art gallery.

If you are looking for an in-depth fine arts online unit study, an art appreciation elective, or are just looking to give the hands-on experience of different forms of expression to your budding artist, I recommend Famous Artists Online Unit Study (Vol.2) from Techie Homeschool Mom.

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