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Daily GRAMS: Grade 3 by Easy Grammar Systems is a great tool for reviewing grammatical concepts. I used Daily GRAMS with my 4th grader every homeschool morning.


At first, I was concerned that she would get bored with the worksheets as part of her morning work. However, I noticed that the worksheets really helped fill in the noticeable learning gaps in her language arts education.

Because my daughter’s “formal” education started in Costa Rican public schools, she wasn’t exposed to English grammar concepts as often as Spanish. So, we have constantly been on the lookout for a program that would consistently give her that exposure.

Although Daily GRAMS is a teaching tool, the worksheets do not explain the concepts if the student is unfamiliar with them. I did find that I had to explain some items to my daughter.

We received the ebook for this review. I was able to print out the worksheets for every day of the current week as well as the answer key located at the end of the ebook.

According to the ebook,


The purpose of DAILY GRAMS: GUIDED REVIEW AIDING MASTERY SKILLS – GRADE 3 is to provide students with daily review of their language. Review of concepts helps to promote mastery learning.


Each page is set up in a specific format:

ONE – Sentence #1 has capitalization review.

I thought this was great as I had not come across a teaching tool that consistently reviewed capitalization.

TWO – Sentence #2 asks students to insert proper punctuation.

THREE – Items #3 and 4 work on general concepts.

So far, we have followed the pages as presented, but the concepts can be replaced with material the student is currently studying.

FOUR – Item #5 is always sentence combining.

I like this because it presents alternate ways to take simple sentences and make them more intricate.


If you are looking to go over a specific concept, the Content and Sequence pages list the days (numbered days as in Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.) that a particular concept will be reviewed.

I was very pleased to see several sheets where my daughter had correctly answered each item. I was even more pleased to look back at previous sheets to find they were items she had answered incorrectly before.




If you find that your 3rd or 4th grade student is struggling with English language learning gaps or with understanding the grammatical concepts, I recommend Daily GRAMS:  Grade 3. The daily review was very helpful for my daughter and we will continue using the worksheets as part of her morning work.



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