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My daughter and I have often talked about the meaning of her name. So, she was really excited to see that the brand new Your Amazing Name – Personalized Adventures for EVERY name! video we received from CrossTimber – Name Meaning Gifts was all about the meaning of her name.

Approximately 30 minutes long, Your Amazing Name is an animated story personalized specifically to highlight the origin and meaning of your child’s name (or grandchild, neice, nephew, etc.).

You can receive the video as a DVD, or if you are not located in the United States, you also have the option of receiving an HD link to download the video or view it in your browser. (Keep in mind that it is a large file so downloading or saving to DVD may be the best longterm option.)

In addition to the video, your child will also receive personalized activity pages that feature their name.

If you’d like to add more goodies to the video and activity pages, there are name scrolls, plaques, and many more items available for purchase.

When we first viewed the video, we were excited to see Aidyn’s name correctly spelled on the title page. John at CrossTimber is very thorough in knowing the correct spelling of your child’s name, asking about how you pronounce their name, and even asking about the spelling and pronunciation of the parent’s name along with your home address (for a letter that is read to your child at the end of the story).

The opening immediately showed us the artwork that we also sent in. My daughter was happy to see her artwork featured throughout the entire 30 minute video.

Not only is Your Amazing Name thorough in getting information from the gift giver…

…they are also very thorough in researching the origin and meaning of the name given. In the animated story, your child receives a scroll with the history of their name, a name plaque with the meaning and origin of their name that includes a Bible verse to highlight their name’s meaning.

Although the gift was not a surprise to my daughter, she was delighted to see her artwork on display acting as an additional character to help the new friends that will be introduced during the story. She was also happy to see her picture at the end of the story.

For families that are searching for meaningful gifts that include scripture from the Bible, I recommend Your Amazing Name. Throughout the story, your child will receive appropriate scriptural references to highlight the particular topic.

You will see your child’s name on many different items in the video. Your child will also be excited to hear their name mentioned and spelled out loud several times in the story. The characters in the story will speak directly to your child.

My favorite part was hearing the personalized letter read aloud to my daughter.

CrossTimber also made ordering the video and any accompanying products very simple. If you have a Google account it is simple. If you don’t have a Google account, they’ve made it just as simple to complete your order.

Because my daughter’s family comes from Ohio, I was thrilled to be able to review this product. And I was pleasantly surprised by the organization, the professionalism and the quality of the product that we received.

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