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My youngest daughter had fun reviewing R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook Grade 1 by Crafty Classroom.

R.E.A.D. stands for Ready, Eager, Able and Determined to READ. This is a digital product that is intended to be low-prep, hands-on and ready to go. It is the type of product that would be good for a family that may not have consistent internet at home. Or, for a family that likes to have some study away from the screen. It can be downloaded and printed at a later time, as you need it.

I chose to print the course week-by-week. I figured it would keep initial printing costs down and save ink for other printing jobs I would need to complete.

I was concerned by all of the color pages that I saw when I first looked through the Curriculum Notebook. (Color ink can get expensive, y’all.) But, I started to notice that all of the consumable pages are printed in black and white. While, all of the charts, games and reference pages (that can be reused) are printed in color.

My suggestion for families that do not have color printers is to go to a copy store and have the color pages printed and possibly laminated for protection. That way, they can be reused or posted as a reference.

The R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook was a perfect product for our family when we received it. We were having issues with our Internet, but the color printer worked fine with the USB cable. So, I downloaded the Notebook at another location and printed the pages out when we were at home.

The Notebook is meant to be used 4 days per week. However, since my children attend 2-full days at a co-op, we were only able to incorporate the program into our schedule 3 days per week.

But that schedule shouldn’t hinder your progress. I would still encourage families of 1st grade aged children to take advantage of the Notebook even if your homeschool schedule is not a 4-day or 5-day one.

During our school break, we used the Notebook exclusively. Then, as we began our classes again, we used it as morning work to supplement our main curriculum. With the exception of the Early Readers and the Daily Writing Notebook, going through each day of work was fairly quick for us.

We continue to incorporate the daily writing journal in our morning activities. The story starters are fun for my daughter. She looks forward to writing or drawing with each strip she pulls. Many times, she requests to use three story starter strips. She always requests two. There are 12 pages of story starter strips. We decided to use one page at a time because there are so many different writing/drawing options.

I loved the colorful reference charts so much, that I decided to post them on the door so that they were visible for both my children. It has proven helpful for even my fourth-grader as she begins to dig deeper into pronouns.

And my first grader enjoys looking through the colorful reference folder. It is a condensed version of the reference charts.

She also enjoys the review worksheets with the checklists. Because she likes checking off items on a list, the simple directions with a checklist make sure she completes all of the tasks requested.

(It has even helped me to re-work how I present her chores list. 🙂 )

And, even though there are pages where she does not write, it was helpful to print those out as well to give her practice speaking and hearing, certain vowel combinations.

She already knew how to read the sight words given in the first few weeks of the program. We reviewed them anyway to practice her handwriting and to aid with memorization.

I personally like that the program includes science topics, social studies topics, writing assignments, and early readers to aid in comprehension of the goal of decoding and writing.

I would highly recommend R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook Grade 1 by Crafty Classroom for families of first grade aged children. Especially if you prefer your children to have some study time away from the screen.

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