All children have fears. However, when fears and worries become so consuming that they interfere with a child’s ability to concentrate, relax, or even function, then they may have an anxiety disorder. According to the CDC, 7.1% of children aged 3-17 years in the U.S. have been diagnosed with anxiety […]

when does school typically start

I recall one morning meditating on how grateful I am to be where I am today. It started as any normal morning meditation. But that morning, it was so much more. I was filled with absolute gratitude and thankfulness. I felt thankful to be blessed with friends who check up […]

Summer solstice is once again descending on the Northern Hemisphere. And if you’ve already planned your vacation or activities months in advance, kudos! For those of us who had – ahem – other things going on (or fell into a rabbit hole) and were waiting…no need to fret. There is […]

Here in Costa Rica, Easter Sunday ends the sacred observance of Semana Santa or Holy Week. During that week, the country shuts down. Seriously. Government offices close. Many stores shut down. Last year, my car died on me at the beginning of Holy Week. I couldn’t even find my mechanic. […]

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This article originally went in an entirely different direction. Same title, different article. It’s amazing how one event can change the course of life. Or in this case, the course of a blog article. One recent event caused me to scrap the previous article and immediately write something else. The […]

single parent family vacation

If you think it’s not possible to take a single parent family vacation, think again. Taking a vacation – sans partner – does not have to be out of reach. In fact, I’ll show you how to score a relaxing vacation. Yep. You and the kids. One where you don’t […]

what is a coparent

A Rose By Any Other Name It’s amazing how many people can get into a tizzy about a single word. Even more so is the power of one word. Think about it. How fast would you run if someone screamed, “Intruder!” What if they screamed, “Murderer!” Maybe you’d run a […]

cooking safety

Teaching children to cook and bake provides them with a necessary skill that will serve them throughout their lives. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to get an edible breakfast in bed? What about a moment of peace and quiet? The quiet part might be a stretch, but teaching young children […]

best homeschool blogs

I Was Homeschool Blog Heavy I’ll be the first to admit that I love reading homeschool blogs. I love digesting almost any good homeschool lit. Give me a list of all the best homeschool blogs, and I become completely consumed. In fact, I was ecstatic when one site I wrote […]

tips on traveling alone

Many single parents don’t travel much because it’s thought of as stressful. Travel is not included in the list of ways to help you relax. Especially when you think about organizing the kids. And while travel with kids can be fun, you may come across an opportunity to travel alone. […]