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Mistakes I Made as a Homeschool Mom Not Committing Fully for a Year Not Asking for help from local (or online) community Not involving my kids’ fathers Not being more flexible on some subjects Being too flexible on some subjects Because I am a blogger who blogs (a bit) about […]

why we choose homeschool

This article originally went in an entirely different direction. Same title, different article. It’s amazing how one event can change the course of life. Or in this case, the course of a blog article. One recent event caused me to scrap the previous article and immediately write something else. The […]

when does school typically start

When Does School Typically Start for This Homeschooler?   Last year, I had to ask myself a question. Actually, I asked it during our weekly family meeting. “What schedule should we follow? Year round or Traditional? It’s a question asked by many new homeschoolers. Some veterans still occasionally ask the […]

I am proud and happy to be a part of an elementary cooperative. It is actually more than a homeschool cooperative. It is an elementary school. But, it also serves as a co-op for my family. We have opted to do a hybrid type of homeschooling. A friend of mine […]

Worry and The Questions Like most parents, I tend to worry if I’m doing right by my kids. Are they eating enough? Eating the right things? Am I being a positive role model and example? As a homeschooler, I sometimes wonder if I’ve selected the appropriate curriculum for them. Are […]

Being a single mom means you must know how to do something yourself. Or, at least know where to find someone who does know how. (Solo moms can relate to this as well.) Washing My Own Car This past weekend, I found myself washing my car with my kids. I […]

introverts raising extroverted children

Fast-forward a little over a year and this article makes me laugh. Because I was indeed a hot mess dealing with the demands on my time. Most of which were because someone else was trying to manage a hot mess of their own. My extroverted children are still extroverts. I […]

History on Screen Recently, my daughter and I were watching A Charlie Braown Thanksgiving. There were two other movies that followed it. The second was about the history of Thanksgiving. Charlie Brown’s portrayal of American history in This is America, Charlie Brown was partially correct. At least there were some entertaining scenes. […]