Calvert Homeschool Online Review

Calvert Homeschool gave us six months of access to their Calvert Homeschool Online.

I was personally interested in learning about the Calvert Online Homeschool product for a couple of reasons.

Reason #1 – My daughter and I are currently reading through a book written by Calvert School’s first headmaster, Virgil M. Hillyer.

We are enjoying each chapter and I thought she might enjoy going through the Homeschool Online product.

Reason #2 – Because my daughter’s first public school education was in a Spanish speaking country, Spanish spelling and syllabification. So, the rules of English syllables and spelling can sometimes be a challenge for her.

For that reason, I chose to use the Calvert Homeschool Online Spelling 400 as a supplement to her current work.

(I added Science 400 after looking through it to include some fun-looking projects on light days.)

The Dashboard

I liked the option to choose a theme for the Parent and student dashboards.

The Guides

I was also appreciative of the guides for teachers and students. Both guides very thoroughly walk the reader through everything needed to smoothly navigate Calvert Homeschool Online.

I liked that training seminars were offered for those who want an overview of Calvert Homeschool. However, when I attempted to enter the required State/Province, it was not listed in the drop down menu. Our current country was listed, though.

Submitting work and Grading

As I was grading a submitted problem, I accidentally cleared the work and reassigned the problem. I would like to suggest that a pop-up window appear asking the teacher if the request to clear the problem is what they really want to do.

My daughter was not completely happy to have to re-do the spelling assignment along with the essay because I was unable to undo the click from a trigger-happy index finger.

While I understand that the teacher has to review essay questions, on assignments where the teacher determines the correct answer, we would have preferred seeing a “follow-up” response instead of a notification that my daughter’s grade was F (0%) since no answer was given.


Since our schedule can vary from week to week (ocassionally from day to day), I liked that Calvert Homeschool has the option to reschedule previously assigned work.

I also like that specific working school days can be adjusted. For example, because of my work, there may be a week where co-op days have to be adjusted from Monday-Tuesday to Tuesday-Wednesday. I can go to the calendar and then individually select a date and change the status to either non-school day or school day.

Additional Help

The Vocab Arcade was very helpful in reinforcing the spelling words. The Spelling Bee was cute and I liked that I could print out the flashcards. However, since my daughter is a very tactile learner, it helped that we were able to create our own games with the printed flashcards.

Complete Curricula

Calvert Homeschool Online has many other curricula you can choose from. They include:

  • History and Geography
  • Language Arts
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Science

If you are looking for a full program, I suggest creating a profile and registering for their 30-day free trial. Then, take advantage of all the bells and whistles that you would like to try for your student.

The Spelling Curriculum from Calvert Homeschool is helping to reinforce English spelling rules for my fourth grader.

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