April Reflections Bring May Corrections

It’s May, so, as always, I take time to reflect on my grandmother, Mary Frances. I wrote a guest article reflecting on Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Mary Frances a couple years back.

As I sit down to reflect on last month, I’m thinking about just how much of a blur April really was for me.

So, I went to my weekly subscriber emails to get an idea of just what happened last month.


I started with a small vent about my boundaries. Reminding myself and others to make sure they (boundaries) are clearly set.

Then, once we’ve set them, I talked about guarding ourselves against negativity. That was in response to a reader who felt – but didn’t read much about me or what I stand for – they needed to send a blanket comment. It was obvious they just did a keyword search, found an article and placed the comment there.

(NOTE TO BLOGGERS: Moderate your comment section.)

I invited the commenter to subscribe to my weekly emails so they could get a sense of what I and the site stood for.

***no comment***

Seriously. They did not respond.


Then, there was Semana Santa. Break week for most everyone in Costa Rica. Not so much for anyone in the hospitality or grocery industry. We kinda fit into hospitality since we offer lodging within our sustainable community.

So, I gots no break.

As a matter of fact, I almost forgot to do my Weekly Life Assessment check-up because it was such a busy week for me.


I ended up in the middle of a couple of battles (that really weren’t about me). Some folks just needed my diplomacy or they needed me to relay messages.

I had to step back because it was affecting other parts of my work and life. And I wasn’t getting “diplomat” or “messenger” pay for any of it.


I picked up another client/job. Yay!

Of course, that means adjusting some things. When your plate is already full, you have to be willing to release something in order to take on something else.

I’m still working on adjusting because that final week of April was a hot mess.

Home keeping not up to (good enough) standard. Personal care in a free fall. Youngest child having slight melt downs. Deadlines coming and going. And anyone who knows me knows how I flip out if I miss a deadline.


So, based on reflecting through the stories and nuggets of encouragement I have given others, I realized a few things.

  • I need to take some time out for myself in the morning
  • I need to take time to transition between unrelated activities
  • I need to review the work my kids have done every day
  • Reviewing past Positive Parenting Solutions courses is a breath of fresh air
  • Reinstating “Mommy and Me Time” and the Scheduled Family Meeting does wonders
  • Putting in my calendar WHAT I’m going to do to nurture myself increases the possibility that it gets done
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