My name is Indasa (in-DAY-sah), unless you are one of my Costa Rican neighbors or students. In which case, it is lovingly pronounced in-DA-sah. I am a writer, music teacher, ESL instructor and homeschooling mother of two beautiful dreams.

I work with and write for single and solo mothers (ocassionally fathers) helping them joyfully and courageously get through the daily intricacies of parenthood, homeschool, personal care and financial awareness.

My aha! moments came when I found myself a single mom after the arrival of my first dream and then, a solo mom after my second. With each of those defining moments, I found myself recalculating, readjusting and rethinking what success meant to me as a mother, as a home educator, as a woman, as an entrepreneur…as a human being.

Having spent many years in education and community relations, I naturally gravitated towards those areas to help regain strength and focus in life.

These days, I put that strength and focus to work as a writer, educator and advocate for single and solo parents on a mission to give their dreams…life.

Within these pages, you will find a woman who isn’t always strong, but who knows where to go to find strength. You’ll see someone who loves to tap into her inner child and break into song, make sidewalk chalk drawings, dance with the music blaring, or start the occasional tickle fight. You’ll notice that I crave organization and order…I don’t always get there, but I crave it.

Throughout all of it, you will find me doing ME. Endeavoring to walk in integrity. Always searching for authenticity. For truth. For realz.

So, if at any time, you ever need any feedback or support on your single/solo parent journey, drop me a line or comment. I will be more than happy to connect. Check back regularly as I am always on the lookout for resources to help. I also love to share nuggets of inspiration if that’s what you’re needing.

All the best. Much love and true success!Indasa About Page