A Review of CashCrunch Careers

Being able to review CashCrunch Careers by CashCrunch Games was both enlightening and reaffirming.

I have young ones in the house right now. But, because I am a solo mom, an entrepreneur and a homeschooler, I want to be as focused as I can on where I need to be and what I need to do in my career.

Where You Are Vs. Where You Want to Be

My current title is Chief Operations Officer. Or, as I like to call it, “Chief Get-It-Done-Until-You-Hire-Someone-Else-to-Do-It.”

However, knowing which position or positions I would thrive in and which ones I needed to hire out was where I was stumbling. And, quite literally, exhausting myself.

Pinpointing how I could more efficiently get the job done was becoming more crucial each day.

Enter a specific opportunity with CashCrunch Careers.

According to CashCrunch Careers, the site is meant to identify best fit careers through their “survey and career assessment tools, based on the inherent personality traits, leading to better informed decisions, of both college and career readiness.”

It is not just for college-bound students, though. (In case you were wondering and on the verge of clicking the close button.) CashCrunch Careers can also be utilized by those who are looking to change careers or, like me, those deciding to make an intentional transition within their career field.


Cash Crunch Careers


What You Will Find

When I logged into my CashCrunch Careers account, I was asked to fill in some information for my profile. I was then encouraged to take the 10-15 minute Careers Survey. That survey would then generate a Career Report.

In that report, you find specific categories:

  • Career Work Styles – Know what you can do, what you like to do and how you are able to do it
  • Motivators and De-motivators – Something that provides a reason or stimulus to do or don’t do something
  • Career Attributes – Qualities or features regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of you
  • Career Match – Jobs that are most suitable for your career
  • Matching Jobs – Job titles that you can click on (even in PDF format) to learn more about the career and the skills and education required

I personally appreciated the list of colleges that offered degrees in those specific career categories. (Note: The lists can be lengthy so you may want to look at the satellite map on the same page to help you geographically or eliminate by the degree level that interests you.)

I also liked that each career category had an accompanying video. In the videos, you are given an overall idea of the tasks, activities, abilities, work values and skills of each job.

So, how did it work out for me?

Let’s just say that the first seven career categories are exactly what I am currently doing. The first one was Operations Manager. (Ahem…Chief Operations Officer.)

That generated a list of 179 colleges and universities. So, I narrowed it down by those that provide distance learning courses – since I spend most of my time working as COO in Costa Rica.

What Else Is There?

CashCrunch Careers also has a blog with incredible suggestions and information like

You can also connect with CashCrunch Careers on Social Media. Creator, Paul Vasey (who also teaches a course on SchoolhouseTeachers.com entitled Personal Finance in Bite-Size Chunks), posts regularly.

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Cash Crunch Games


If you’re interested in avoiding the guessing game and consistent changes, saving money by pinpointing what career choice best suits your child’s personality and motivations (and knowing which educational institutions offer courses in those careers), or you want to make an intentional and fulfilling career move yourself, go Here to Sign Up to take the CashCrunch Careers Survey.

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