Trying to live up to the expectations of others has not always been wise.

Janice Southerland

Things We Wish We’d Known: A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling

There was a time when I was too sek-sy to go deep.

‘Soul searching’ was a buzz term.

But I presented myself as deep, thoughtful and mysterious.

Because that was expected of me.

Here’s the thing though…

…the expectations of others are not necessarily your priorities. Their choices may not be the wisest choices…for you.

Simple as that.

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“I’m a homeschooler.”

Most people reading this will say the same.

“I’m a business owner.”

Some will ditto that as well.

We are already wearing more than one hat. Juggling more than one item. So, why do we choose to wear more to satisfy some else’s expectations?

work at home and homeschool

You would think that at some point, we would have learned our lesson. Has life not tapped us against the head enough? Given us enough tests to choose a different multiple choice answer?

Life University

I’ve come to realize that in some form or another, we will always be educating ourselves and our kids.

As long as we live and have interactions, we will always receive an education – even in life’s consequences.

So, our days aren’t necessarily about imparting knowledge as homeschoolers or merely sharpening our business skills.

They are about receiving and giving direction.

What direction do we need to go to achieve a specific goal?

How do we help our children find their direction?

Those answers aren’t easy to get to without thought.

That’s why I created Single Parents Homeschooling.

To help homeschooling parents (without partners) focus on the direction to take for your families.

And to do so by being just who you are.

Living life authentically.

Wearing just enough hats to get the job done…

…without being distracted by all the other monkey business.